the future of commercial office space in Cambodia

ever thought of investing in an office space?

here comes a great opportunity for intelligent investors and smart business owners: instead of renting an office space, why don’t you just acquire one? In the short term, you will pay slightly higher than a rent, but in the long haul, you will own the office, allowing you to rent it out to another business.


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Designed with the Top Executive in mind

This is why Morgan is a double-A grade office tower, it has grasp what any tp executive is craving for: ultimate comfort and luxury

The Morgan Tower is located in the central business area to the east of Phnom Penh. Diamond Island is formed above the Bassac River, adjacent to the vast riverside and enjoying a unique geomantic dragon vein like the Treasure Basin “Gathering rivers, hugging bays”. It is close to the government, national Assembly, the numerous embassies, the Phnom Penh rich area BKK area.

The Morgan Tower not only meets with the city’s top resources, but also rebuilds the skyline of Phnom Penh with international standards. The project has built a 210-meter landmark building integrated by “super 5A office, Sky villa”. The extraordinary luxurious and honorable air club, ecological intelligent”coat”, luxury parking lot, elevator ratio and other advanced business scale are the support to build non-replicable world-class valuable assets.

now is the best time to invest

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