Opening a business in Cambodia: do’s and dont’s

So that’s it, you have decided to open your business in the Kingdom of Wonder: Cambodia. That’s a great news, and we could not be happier for you. At this stage, we assume that you have done all the proper market research and we anticipate that you have gathered all the necessary funds to launch your exciting enterprise.

So, from this point on, its only technicalities and probably lots of paperworks and thumb-coloring sessions.

First and foremost, we do recommend you get close to a professional in the matter; they may have a cost, but they could very well save you some cash by the end of the whole process. They are legal firms, lawyers and notaries that are perfectly suited and equipped to get you to the finish line on time. There are also freelancers with a strong knowledge of the system, and sometimes with very significant contact points.

We also recommend to be patient. Though the process can be done very swiftly (less than a week in some cases), you could run into minor issues (stamps, signatures…) that could whiten some space on your agenda. However, once the process is initiated you can start running your business with a temporary patent and licence.

If you are considering a real estate business, do note that there will be other requirements to fulfill and obey. And keep in mind that you could also consider getting a Century 21 Franchisee Licence, in which case, we will handle all of the above on your behalf.