in brief

WORLD TRUST ESTATE CO., LTD has been establish since 2014 with customer’s satisfaction confidence and trust. It is fully licensed real estate consulting firm offering a top real estate services such real estate valuation, investment, research, management and financing. WORLD TRUST ESTATE CO., LTD is a Center Property Data information (CPDl) in the country- Cambodia for your trust corporate partners and It has its office in Phnom Penh Capital, Cambodia. We plan to expand our branch throughout the Cities/Provinces in the future in the next 5 to 10 years. WORLD TRUST ESTATE CO., LTD earned its reputation and support in real estate market in Cambodia within local and international investors, Banks and Micro-Finances. Along with experiences and skills of property valuation and consultant and Center Property Data Information, WORLD TRUST ESTATE CO., LTD became the most recognized from the local and international clients and developers.

C21 World Trust