in brief

The Real Estate Business helps ful fill one of our most basic needs: shelter. For many people, this shelter is a house. But real estate is more than just shelter and houses. It includes land, farms, retail stores, office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial plants, medical centers, and apartments, condominiums, cooperatives many other types of property. Hundreds of thousands of licensed professionals sell, lease or otherwise work full time in the real estate industry. The industry also provides employment for many part-time and support personnel. The right to possess property has existed in some form since the beginning of civilization. Early nomadic societies distributed property rights among tribes and families and were probably the first to maintain communal ownership of specific plots. For those nomadic societies where land was bountiful, tribes had no need to secure individual plots of land or establish permanent residences. Century 21 Mekong is one of the world largest independently brokerage office which operated in 75 countries with 7,100 offices and more than 100,000 real estate professionals worldwide. Century 21 Mekong opened July of 2014 with eight salespeople on board. The elected CEO,Mr. Chrek Soknim, has leaded the sales associates and continues to be one of brokerage business specializing in selling/buying and leasing in Cambodia.

C21 Mekong