in brief

Century21 Dream Property is a member of the world-renowned real estate team, made up of young and passionate entrepreneurs.

Century21 Dream Property is a franchise from 21st Century Cambodia, the 21st century company in Cambodia and the 75th country to have a global brand.

Founded in 1971, California, USA, is the largest company in the world with approximately 7,100 affiliates and 10 real estate agents, famous for the 21st Century logo. Covering almost anywhere in the world will give the client a wide range of imaginative clientele options and also connect local sellers to the world to make real estate sales faster. And a good price.

21st Century Dream Property is a highly skilled professional, each with diverse experience in the field of real estate, real estate law, real estate consultants, architects, banks, insurance, designers, accounting and accounting professionals. It is a real estate experience that ensures the high quality of real estate services to clients.

C21 Dream Property