Can a foreigner own property in Cambodia?

August 13, 2020

Are you a foreigner reflecting on acquiring a property in Cambodia? Here are some advice you need to know.

Can a foreigner own property in Cambodia?

Yes, non-nationals are perfectly allowed to own property in Cambodia, yet there are a few restrictions. Foreigners cannot own properties on the ground floor, only from first level up. Also important to note that it applies only to buildings with a strata title, in other words, this can only be found in newer constructions, and not the older housing in the downtown area.
In terms of land, only nationals can legally be owners. Most foreigners can partner with a Cambodian national, as long as 51% of the stakes are on the Cambodian side. There are private citizens and small companies in the Kingdom offering those services. Be sure to get good reference and track records before engaging with them; but most of them have been operating for many years and have an excellent work ethic.

What type of ownership is available in Cambodia?

You will often hear about the two types of ownership documents: the Soft & the Hard title. These term only differentiate the level at which the title was issues, whether on a district level (Sangkat) or national level (Cadastral office), respectively. Land laws are very new in the Kingdom, hence this difference if power attribution. However, due to the strengthening of both the economy and the government, soft titles are bound to disappear over the next generation, leaving only state-issued titles. So we would not recommend to acquire property on a soft-title basis in 2020.