First-Time Home Buyer? Read This First

April 8, 2019

It’s Free To Hire A Buyers Agent

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Buying a home for the first time. First thing first, one of the most obvious reasons to hire a buyers agent when buying a house is that it’s free. There are very few circumstances where it costs money to hire a buyers agent. It’s an obvious reason why you should hire a professional to represent your best interests in the purchase of a house. It’s vital, however, that you don’t just hire any buyers agent. There are certain things you should expect from a real estate agent when buying a house.
It’s highly suggested as you think about hiring a buyers agent that you keep in mind they’re protecting your best interests during one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever take part in.

Looking for an agent?

About Home Buying Without an Agent

Home buying without an agent is not necessarily your best option. For first-time home buyers have generally engaged in some other business apart from real estate, so they tend to know very little about real estate. Most experienced real estate agents are in the business full-time, so they acquire knowledge every single day. The business of buying a home is complicated, filled with paperwork; it requires expert negotiations and there are often small problems which, if left undetected, can easily blow up into proportions so huge that your entire transaction could be placed into jeopardy.
My advice for first-time home buyers is to hire a buyer’s agent to work for you. In almost every instance, the seller pays the fee for your buyer’s agent, so it costs you nothing extra. But for crying out loud, make sure you hire an experienced agent.


A Buyers Agent Understands The Local Real Estate Market

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Each and every real estate market is different. Real estate markets can differ from town to town and even neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s extremely important when buying a house that you understand the local market. It’s highly recommended as you hire a buyers agent that you make sure they have experience selling houses in the area. Hiring a real estate agent who doesn’t have an understanding of the local real estate market can cost you thousands of dollars should you make an offer that isn’t inline with local house values.


A Buyers Agent Will Be Your Negotiator

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A huge benefit that you’ll receive when you hire a buyers agent is that they’re negotiating on your behalf. For example, if you’re attempting to purchase an overpriced house, your buyers agent needs to know what it takes to purchase an overpriced house. If you don’t hire a buyers agent, you’ll be required to do the negotiations by yourself. In the example of buying an overpriced house, there is a good chance that the majority of buyers don’t know how to make an offer on an overpriced house.


A Buyers Agent Will Know How To Write Real Estate Contracts

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Even if you’re buying your tenth house, it’s unlikely you’re familiar enough to navigate a real estate contract. When you hire a buyers agent when buying a house, you’re hiring a professional who knows the ins and outs of real estate contracts. There are many parts to a real estate contract and having an experienced professional to guide you through the contract is vital. In addition to the important aspects within a real estate contract, an experienced buyers agent will know how to write a contract that presents you in the best possible way in the eyes of a seller.

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