Century 21 Franchise in 25 Cities and Provinces

November 2, 2018

Over the past decade, real estate market in Cambodia has been growing at high speed. A large number of the wealthy invested in property and earned their first bucket of gold. Many others engaged in real estate business one way or another, and changed their lives.

2018, although an election year, has seen real estate in Cambodia continued to remain strong. As an emerging market, compared to neighboring countries, Cambodia has a higher potential to attract foreign investors thus a larger room to grow. Many industry insiders believe 2019 is going to be another good year.

At CENTURY 21 Cambodia, we foresaw the unprecedented opportunity. Together with our wide network of franchised partners, nearly 200 certified professional agents, we have been delivering hassle-free brokerage services to real estate buyers and owners in a professional, trustworthy and integrity manner.

To extend our reach further than Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville where we are already in operation, we have laid down a solid plan to open CENTURY 21 franchised office in other 23 cities and provinces across the kingdom in the near future. To support this ambitious goal, we are looking for partners who are committed to taking professional real estate agency service as a career path, particularly those local residents who are enthusiastic in helping to develop their home provinces or cities for the better.

CENTURY 21® is the world number 1 real estate network with a global dimension. CENTURY 21 Real Estate, founded in 1971, is an American company headquartered in New Jersey. The CENTURY 21 Real Estate family is comprised of approximately 7,450 independently owned and operated franchised offices, more than 115,000 sales professionals, in 79 countries and territories worldwide.

Cambodia is the 75th official country for CENTURY 21 Real Estate, with CENTURY 21 Cambodia operates as the master franchisor. CENTURY 21 Cambodia agency provides brokerage services for buy, sell and rent of real estate of all types, including house, land, condo, apartment, residential or commercial building etc.

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In today’s competitive world, brand is particularly critical to business success. CENTURY 21® ranked 20th in global franchised brand, among big names like Mc Donald’s and Starbucks. The reputed CENTURY 21® logo is recognized and trusted by real estate buyers and sellers worldwide for over 30 years. Our mission is not only to provide professional brokerage services to buyers and sellers but also to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers as well as local and international partners.

As a matter of fact, not all people have the ability or expertise to efficiently run a successful real estate agency. Even they do, building a reputable brand in the industry takes tremendous effort, time and money, this always also means loss of opportunities. Become a CENTURY 21 franchise, you can cut short all these processes. As a franchisor, our CENTURY 21® System provides brand marks, comprehensive training, marketing, and innovative technology support to our affiliated real estate agents to deliver best-in-class brokerage experience to buyers and sellers. We offer our franchised office a structure of launching, operating and growing business.

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Moreover, with CENTURY 21 franchise family, you have numerous opportunities to learn from and to network with partners in the region and the US head company. With an already well-established CENTURY 21® brand, you take a shortcut to connect to and build relationships with investors globally.

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