5 Simple Tips for moving home

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We know that getting everything you own from one place to another can be one of the most stressful parts of moving. Good thing we have gathered these 5 simple tips for you. Congrats on your new home! Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to pack and move everything to your new home. 

1 -Book your removal van in advance
Removal companies get busy, particularly during the holidays, so you need to book them at least 3 days or a week in advance.
This also allows you to get ready ahead of time, and it also allows a representative from the company to view your property to give you an accurate quote. In addition, you can find out what the removal company will do for you, such as packing, carrying and so on- definitely worth looking into if you’re moving heavy items.

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2- Mark out zones for rubbish
Particularly when it comes to clothing, it’s easy to accidentally throw out the wrong items if everything is in black bin liners. This means you need to mark out clear zones for rubbish, recycling and items that need to go to a charity shop before you start. Even better, use different colors of bag for rubbish and charity shop items so that you can see at a glance what needs to go where.

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3- Use small boxes for heavy items.
simple moving and packing tip: pack books in a small box. It sounds obvious, but if you’ve ever known the struggle that is carrying a large cardboard box stuffed full of college textbooks across a parking lot, then you also know this advice cannot be overstated.
Fill your small boxes with heavier items and use large boxes for light things like decorative pillows, towels, and linens.

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4- Defrost your fridge at least one day before you move.
Defrost fridge before moving to a new home. Who wants to wake up to a grungy, mildewy fridge in their new home?
No one. No one at all! Take time to thoroughly clean your fridge and wipe away all the liquid before you haul it to your new home.





5- Cleaning
Whether you’re leaving rented accommodation or a previously owned property, you’re going to want to leave it in a good, clean condition. If you don’t clean your rented property, you may not get your deposit back in full, and if you have sold your property and leave it in a state, your buyers may complain or ask for the cost of professional cleaning.
The more time you give yourself, the less time will be spent furiously cleaning on moving day. If you’re particularly busy,
you could hire a professional to clean once your boxes are all out of the way, which will be easier than trying to clean around items.

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Century 21 Franchise in 25 Cities and Provinces

Over the past decade, real estate market in Cambodia has been growing at high speed. A large number of the wealthy invested in property and earned their first bucket of gold. Many others engaged in real estate business one way or another, and changed their lives.

2018, although an election year, has seen real estate in Cambodia continued to remain strong. As an emerging market, compared to neighboring countries, Cambodia has a higher potential to attract foreign investors thus a larger room to grow. Many industry insiders believe 2019 is going to be another good year.


At CENTURY 21 Cambodia, we foresaw the unprecedented opportunity. Together with our wide network of franchised partners, nearly 200 certified professional agents, we have been delivering hassle-free brokerage services to real estate buyers and owners in a professional, trustworthy and integrity manner.

To extend our reach further than Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville where we are already in operation, we have laid down a solid plan to open CENTURY 21 franchised office in other 23 cities and provinces across the kingdom in the near future. To support this ambitious goal, we are looking for partners who are committed to taking professional real estate agency service as a career path, particularly those local residents who are enthusiastic in helping to develop their home provinces or cities for the better.


CENTURY 21® is the world number 1 real estate network with a global dimension. CENTURY 21 Real Estate, founded in 1971, is an American company headquartered in New Jersey. The CENTURY 21 Real Estate family is comprised of approximately 7,450 independently owned and operated franchised offices, more than 115,000 sales professionals, in 79 countries and territories worldwide.

Cambodia is the 75th official country for CENTURY 21 Real Estate, with CENTURY 21 Cambodia operates as the master franchisor. CENTURY 21 Cambodia agency provides brokerage services for buy, sell and rent of real estate of all types, including house, land, condo, apartment, residential or commercial building etc.

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In today’s competitive world, brand is particularly critical to business success. CENTURY 21® ranked 20th in global franchised brand, among big names like Mc Donald’s and Starbucks. The reputed CENTURY 21® logo is recognized and trusted by real estate buyers and sellers worldwide for over 30 years. Our mission is not only to provide professional brokerage services to buyers and sellers but also to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers as well as local and international partners.

As a matter of fact, not all people have the ability or expertise to efficiently run a successful real estate agency. Even they do, building a reputable brand in the industry takes tremendous effort, time and money, this always also means loss of opportunities. Become a CENTURY 21 franchise, you can cut short all these processes. As a franchisor, our CENTURY 21® System provides brand marks, comprehensive training, marketing, and innovative technology support to our affiliated real estate agents to deliver best-in-class brokerage experience to buyers and sellers. We offer our franchised office a structure of launching, operating and growing business.

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Moreover, with CENTURY 21 franchise family, you have numerous opportunities to learn from and to network with partners in the region and the US head company. With an already well-established CENTURY 21® brand, you take a shortcut to connect to and build relationships with investors globally.

Our current franchisee Click Here

Inquiry for franchise opportunity:

Email: franchise@century21.com.kh

Tel: 023 966 511

Who is Century 21 Cambodia? (មានVideo)

Q: Who is Century 21 Cambodia?


Century 21 Cambodia is a big Real Estate Company in Cambodia which focus on Buy, Sell, and Rent all properties types such as condominium, land, commercial building etc...

Century 21 Cambodia is the 75th official of Century 21 Real Estate. Century 21 Cambodia has a big family in Phnom Penh & Sihanouk vile. Currently, we have 17 Franchisees to provide the fastest service to our customer and at the same time we are going to expand and grow to 25 provinces in Cambodia.

If you want to buy house, rent office, sell condominium or any properties, you can contact us. Especially, if you are a First-Time Home Buyer or First-Time Home Seller and don’t know what to do, you can contact us for more information whether you want to use our service or ask for more information, we warmly greet you as the same as our customer, so do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions for further information relate to our service.

Speaker:  Grace Rachny Fong, Executive Director of Century 21 Cambodia

A Look Back at the Award Ceremony of CENTURY 21 Cambodia Family

On July 14th 2018, CENTURY 21 Cambodia, master franchise of CENTURY 21 in the kingdom, held an award ceremony to celebrate its success at the Great Duke Phnom Penh Hotel. 8 of CENTURY 21 Cambodia franchisees received awards for their outstanding performance from CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC


During the round-table panel discussion before award presentation, Keam Seaklong, CEO of CENTURY 21 DREAM PROPERTY said, "if you are looking to buy or rent a house or land, you don't need to travel as you used to, because that may slow you down and you may not be satisfied with the one you found. CENTURY 21 Cambodia network has a large property inventory on our hand that may interest you, with that you will perfectly find the chosen one of your dream. Moreover, we will take care about every buy and sell process with the fastest service and all you have to do is to pay for the property you are satisfied with".

At the award ceremony, one of the award recipients said "even though, we've won the award but we are not stopping there, we will maintain as we are known as CENTURY 21 Cambodia and we keep improving our service for our customer satisfaction".

Chrek Soknim, CEO of CENTURY 21 MEKONG also said "CENTURY 21 will be at everywhere in Cambodia in order to provide the nearest and fastest service as needed. As he noticed, a lot of Cambodian people now know the CENTURY 21 brand clearer than before and eventually they will only use our service like most American do." Again, he said, "CENTURY 21 in Cambodia will grow a lot more and we will provide the best service to our customer, especially, the Cambodian".

Grace Rachny Fong of CENTURY 21 Cambodia expressed her excitement in the important roles her team of agents have played in developing professional real estate service in the country. She said “It is an honor for the companies and for our country that these companies have been actively engaged and successfully trained as agents to provide excellent services to homeowners, buyers and investors.”

Kuy Vat, Chairman of CENTURY 21 Cambodia said that “Over the last few years we have become leaders in the market, and if we keep up the hard work, we will remain at the top."


List of award winners:






Congratulations to CENTURY 21 Family Received International Awards

On 14th, July 2018 CENTURY 21 Cambodia have made a special ceremony to it’s own 8 Franchisees for receiving international awards from CENTURY 21 REAL ESTATE LLC USA HQ.

For Agent Awards

1st place to CENTURY 21 Dream PropertyCENTURY 21 Advanced Property, and CENTURY 21 Fuji Realty.

2nd place to CENTURY 21 Imperial RealtyCENTURY 21 Golden Realty, and CENTURY 21 Regent Realty.

3rd place to CENTURY 21 Mekong, CENTURY 21 World Trust, and CENTURY 21 Imperial Realty.

During the ceremony, our agent also have good experience in Real Estate to share:

Mr. Chrek Soknim


Mr. Keam Seaklong

3 Real Estate Quotes from Top Realtors

There are plenty of Real Estate quotes out there, but we only pick 3 to inspire First-Time Home Buyer & First-Time Home Seller.

At the same time, you probably need to learn more about Realtor?   Why you need them?


1- Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait. “Robert G Allen”



2- The house you look at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today. “Koki Adasi”



3- Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there William Penn Adair


⇒The Facts about CENTURY 21


សហគ្រិនស្ត្រីខ្មែរពីររូប បានព្យាយាមប្រឹងប្រែងធ្វើការងារយ៉ាងយកចិត្តទុកដាក់ និងខិតខំស្វែងយល់អំពីដំណើរការនៃក្រុមហ៊ុនអលចនទ្រព្យ រហូតខ្លួនមានសមត្ថភាពក្លាយជានាយិកាក្រុមហ៊ុនលំដាប់អន្តរជាតិ។ ស្ត្រីខ្មែរយើងមានសមត្ថភាពខ្លាំង បើធៀបនឹងសហគ្រិនបរទេសផ្សេងទៀត ហើយវាមិនមែនជារឿងងាយស្រួលនោះទេ ដោយចាប់ផ្តើមតាំងពីបុគ្គលិកធម្មតារហូតក្លាយជាថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំកំពូលរបស់ក្រុមហ៊ុន។


លោកស្រីគ្រេស រចនីហ្វុង នាយិកាក្រុមហ៊ុន Century 21 Cambodia ការផ្តើមចេញពីបុគ្គលិកសាមញ្ញមិនគិតពីប្រាក់ខែ ប្រឹងប្រែងធ្វើការរហូតដល់អ្នកគ្រប់គ្រងជាន់ខ្ពស់ក្រុមហ៊ុន ព្រោះវាបានផ្តល់បទពិសោធន៍ជាក់ស្តែងលើការងារអាជីវកម្ម ចាប់តាំងពីការងារតូចតាចរហូតដល់ការងារធំៗរបស់ក្រុមហ៊ុន ហើយចេញរកស៊ីខ្លួនឯងមានកត្តាជោគជ័យច្រើន។

តាមរយៈបទពិសោធន៍ពីបុគ្គលិកធម្មតារហូតក្លាយជានាយិកានេះ លោកស្រីយល់ថា យុវជនជំនាន់ក្រោយ ចង់ជោគជ័យលើការងារ ឬចង់ចេញរកស៊ី កុំអាលរៀនចប់មហាវិទ្យាល័យភ្លាម ចេញរកស៊ីតែម្តង មិនលើកទឹកចិត្តត្រង់ចំណុចនេះនោះទេ។ ត្រូវតែខិតខំរៀនឲ្យបានពូកែ និងចូលបម្រើការងារក្នុងក្រុមហ៊ុនណាមួយយ៉ាងតិចពី៥ ទៅ៨ឆ្នាំសិន។ ផ្តើមចេញពីបុគ្គលិកធម្មតា ទៅជាអ្នកគ្រប់គ្រង ធ្វើឲ្យអស់កម្លាំងកាយ ចិត្ត កុំខ្វល់រឿងប្រាក់ច្រើនពេក ធ្វើការឲ្យដូចក្រុមហ៊ុនខ្លួនឯង។

បើយើងមានឆន្ទៈធ្វើការងារ ហើយមានឱកាសដឹកនាំក្រុមហ៊ុនធំមួយជោគជ័យទៅបាន មានន័យថាយើងក៏អាចចេញរកស៊ីដោយខ្លួនឯងបានដែរ។


ចំណែកលោកស្រីអាន សុធីតា នាយិកាក្រុមហ៊ុនCBRE Cambodia វិញបានចាប់ផ្តើមការងារនៅក្រុមហ៊ុន CBRE នៅឆ្នាំ២០១០ ជាពេលវាលា ដែលវិស័យអចលនទ្រព្យ នៅកម្ពុជា​ចាប់ផ្តើមងើបឡើងវិញជាបណ្តើរៗ ចាប់ផ្តើមក្នុងតួនាទីជាគណនេយ្យករនៅក្នុងក្រុមហ៊ុន​ហើយផ្លាស់ប្តូជំនាញជាអ្នកលក់និងអ្នកគ្រប់គ្រង ក្នុងរយៈពេលពីរឆ្នាំ។

ម្យ៉ាងវិញទៀត ដោយសារថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំក្រុមហ៊ុនបើកឱកាសឱ្យបុគ្គលិកអាចរៀនផ្នែកផ្សេងៗពីក្រុមហ៊ុនបាន ហើយវាជាឱកាសល្អសម្រាប់រូបលោកស្រីផ្ទាល់ ផ្លាស់ប្តូរពីគណនេយ្យទៅជំនាញថ្មី ដែលមិនធ្លាប់គិតថាអាចធ្វើបាន។

លោកស្រីបន្តថា ការអភិវឌ្ឍខ្លួនឱ្យទៅជាបុគ្គលិកមានសមត្ថភាពបាន កើតចេញពីការរៀនសូត្រអំពីការងារ បទពិសោធន៍ជាក់ស្តែង ជាពិសេសមានការជំរុញលើទឹកចិត្ត ការគាំទ្រផ្តល់យោបល់ពីសំណាក់ ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំក្រុមហ៊ុននិងអតិថិជនតែម្តង។ មិនយូរប៉ុន្មានក៏បានទទួលចំណេះដឹង និងពិសោធន៍រហូតឈានដល់ការកាន់កាប់តំណែង ជានាយិកាក្រុមហ៊ុនលំដាប់អន្តរជាតិនេះ។

បន្ថែមពីលើនេះ ភាពជោគជ័យថ្ងៃនេះ កើតចេញពីការស្រឡាញ់លើវិស័យអចលនទ្រព្យ និងធ្វើការងារមិនដើម្បីតែលុយមួយមុខនោះទេ ព្រោះតាំងពីចូលបម្រើការងារដំបូងលោកស្រីប្រឹងប្រែងរៀនសូត្រណាស់ រហូតក្លាយជាបុគ្គលជោគជ័យក្នុងស្ថាប័ន៕

អត្ថបទដោយ៖ ម៉ន វុទ្ធា

Source: https://business-cambodia.com/2018/04/from-staff-manager-company/

21 Facts About CENTURY 21

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Where is CENTURY 21 Real Estate from?⇒
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Fact #1CENTURY 21 Real Estate is an American real estate franchise company headquartered in Madison, New Jersey, US.


Fact #2CENTURY 21 Real Estate was founded in 1971 by two Real Estate Agents, Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher, in Orange County, California.


Fact #3CENTURY 21 Real Estate is comprised of approximately 7,450 independently owned and operated franchised offices in 79 countries and territories worldwide.


Fact #4Cambodia is the 75th official country for CENTURY 21 Real Estate, with CENTURY 21 Cambodia operates as master franchisor in the country.


Fact #5CENTURY 21 Cambodia was established in 2011 in Cambodia, it has growth to over 15 franchised offices in the country.


Fact #6CENTURY 21 Cambodia is the 1st international franchised real estate agent company in the kingdom.


Fact #7CENTURY 21 Real Estate family is growing everyday, it now has more than 115,000 sales professionals across the globe.


Fact #8The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family employ more than 124 professionally trained brokers in Phnom Penh and major cities and provinces across the country.


Fact #9The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family is comprised of a team of young and dynamic professionals, the average age of staff working at CENTURY 21 Cambodia family is 28 years old, 99% holds bachelor or higher degree.


Fact #10CENTURY 21 Cambodia is the real estate brokerage brand of choice to buy, sell and rent property. The CENTURY 21 brand® builds trust and professionalism, it represents international standard. Its tagline is “SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER.” 


Fact #11The CENTURY 21® brand is the most recognized brand name in real estate, and the industry leader in brand awareness – a position it has held since 1999.


Fact #12The CENTURY 21® brand name was decided during a lunch one day by Art Bartlett and his former VP. The name was selected because it sounded futuristic.


Fact #13For three years in a row, the CENTURY 21® brand ranked “Highest Overall Satisfaction for First-Time Home Sellers, First-Time Home Buyers, Repeat Home Sellers, and Repeat Home Buyers among National Full Service Real Estate Firms” in the J.D. Power 2016 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study.


Fact #14 The CENTURY 21® System provides brand marks, comprehensive training, marketing and innovative technology support to its affiliated agents to deliver best-in-class brokerage experience to buyers and sellers worldwide.


Fact #15The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family have received multiple international awards and recognitions, the team collected a total of 9 Top Regional awards from CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC headquarter in the US in 2017.


Fact #16CENTURY 21 Cambodia has organized and conducted over 20 training courses through its CENTURY 21 University, with more than 500 trainees benefited from the sessions.


Fact #17Every CENTURY 21 real estate agent in Cambodia is required to attend a series of professional training, only those who qualified are employed.


Fact #18CENTURY 21 Cambodia’s franchised offices are owned by a variety of Cambodian, American, Japanese and Taiwanese investors or shareholders.


Fact #19The CENTURY ​21 ​Cambodia family builds and maintains leadership roles in real estate communities in the country, its members sit as Vice Chairman and Vice President of the Cambodian Valuer and Estate Agents Association (CVEA).


Fact #20The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family actively ​participate ​in ​various regional and  international real estate activities. It is the member of National Realtor of Association (NAR) in USA, and CENTURY 21 Global Network & CENTURY 21 Asia Pacific Network. Its members joined numerous seminars and conferences in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada and the US.


Fact #21The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family is going to expand and grow in 25 provinces with 500 professional trained real estate agents in the next 3 years.



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The proliferation of services that help home buyers and sellers complete their own real estate transactions is relatively recent, and it may have you wondering whether using a real estate agent is becoming a relic of a bygone era. While doing the work yourself can save you the significant commission rates many real estate agents command, for many, flying solo may not be the way to go--and could end up being more costly than a realtor's commission in the long run. Buying or selling a home is a major financial (and emotional) undertaking. Find out why you shouldn't discard the notion of hiring an agent just yet.


1. Better Access/More Convenience

A real estate agent's full-time job is to act as a liaison between buyers and sellers. This means that he or she will have easy access to all other properties listed by other agents. Both the buyer's and seller's agent work full time as real estate agents and they know what needs to be done to get a deal together. For example, if you are looking to buy a home, a real estate agent will track down homes that meet your criteria, get in touch with sellers' agents and make appointments for you to view the homes. If you are buying on your own, you will have to play this telephone tag yourself. This may be especially difficult if you're shopping for homes that are for sale by owner.

Similarly, if you are looking to sell your home yourself, you will have to solicit calls from interested parties, answer questions and make appointments. Keep in mind that potential buyers are likely to move on if you tend to be busy or don't respond quickly enough. Alternatively, you may find yourself making an appointment and rushing home, only to find that no one shows up.


2. Negotiating Is Tricky Business

Many people don't like the idea of doing a real estate deal through an agent and feel that direct negotiation between buyers and sellers is more transparent and allows the parties to better look after their own best interests. This is probably true--assuming that both the buyer and seller in a given transaction are reasonable people who are able to get along. Unfortunately, this isn't always an easy relationship.

What if you, as a buyer, like a home but despise its wood-paneled walls, shag carpet and lurid orange kitchen? If you are working with an agent, you can express your contempt for the current owner's decorating skills and rant about how much it'll cost you to upgrade the home without insulting the owner. For all you know, the owner's late mother may have lovingly chosen the décor. Your real estate agent can convey your concerns to the sellers' agent. Acting as a messenger, the agent may be in a better position to negotiate a discount without ruffling the homeowner's feathers.

A real estate agent can also play the “bad guy” in a transaction, preventing the bad blood between a buyer and seller that can kill a deal. Keep in mind that a seller can reject a potential buyer's offer for any reason--including just because they hate his or her guts. An agent can help by speaking for you in tough transactions and smoothing things over to keep them from getting too personal. This can put you in a better position to get the house you want. The same is true for the seller, who can benefit from a hard-nosed real estate agent who will represent their interests without turning off potential buyers who want to niggle about the price.


3. Contracts Can Be Hard To Handle

If you decide to buy or sell a home, the offer to purchase contract is there to protect you and ensure that you are able to back out of the deal if certain conditions aren't met. For example, if you plan to buy a home with a mortgage but you fail to make financing one of the conditions of the sale--and you aren't approved for the mortgage--you can lose your deposit on the home and could even be sued by the seller for failing to fulfill your end of the contract.

An experienced real estate agent deals with the same contracts and conditions on a regular basis, and is familiar with which conditions should be used, when they can safely be removed and how to use the contract to protect you, whether you're buying or selling your home.


4. Real Estate Agents Can't Lie

Well, OK, actually they can. But because they are licensed professionals there are more repercussions if they do than for a private buyer or seller. If you are working with a licensed real estate agent under an agency agreement, (i.e., a conventional, full-service commission agreement in which the agent agrees to represent you), your agent will be bound by common law (in most states) to a fiduciary relationship. In other words, the agent is bound by license law to act in their clients' best interest (not his or her own).

In addition, most realtors rely on referrals and repeat business to build the kind of clientèle base they'll need to survive in the business. This means that doing what's best for their clients should be as important to them as any individual sale.

Finally, if you do find that your agent has gotten away with lying to you, you will have more avenues for recourse, such as through your agent's broker, professional association (such as the National Association Of Realtors) or possibly even in court if you can prove that your agent has failed to uphold his fiduciary duties.

When a buyer and seller work together directly, they can (and should) seek legal counsel, but because each is expected to act in his or her best interest, there isn't much you can do if you find out later that you've been duped about multiple offers or the home's condition. And having a lawyer on retainer any time you want to talk about potentially buying or selling a house could cost far more than an agent's commissions by the time the transaction is complete.


5. Not Everyone Can Save Money

Many people eschew using a real estate agent to save money, but keep in mind that it is unlikely that both the buyer and seller will reap the benefits of not having to pay commissions. For example, if you are selling your home on your own, you will price it based on the sale prices of other comparable properties in your area. Many of these properties will be sold with the help of an agent. This means that the seller gets the keep the percentage of the home's sale price that might otherwise be paid to the real estate agent.

However, buyers who are looking to purchase a home sold by owners may also believe they can save some money on the home by not having an agent involved. They might even expect it and make an offer accordingly. However, unless buyer and seller agree to split the savings, they can't both save the commission.

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Real Estate Agent?

What is a 'Real Estate Agent'?

Real estate agents are licensed professionals who represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Most agents work for a real estate broker or realtor who has additional training and extra certifications. Agents usually work completely on commission, so their income depends on their ability to assist clients and close transactions.


BREAKING DOWN 'Real Estate Agent'

Agents perform different duties, depending on whether they work for the buyer or the seller. Agents who work for the seller advise clients on how to price the house and prepare it for sale, including providing tips on last-minute improvements that can boost the price or encourage a speedy sale. Seller agents market the property through listing services, networking and advertisements. Agents who work for the buyer search for available properties that match the buyer’s price range and wish list. These agents often look at past sale data to help prospective buyers determine a fair offer for a particular property.


Can a Real Estate Agent Represent Both the Buyer and the Seller?

It’s important for consumers to understand whether a real estate agent represents the buyer, the seller or both parties because the agent’s loyalty can greatly affect several details of the transaction, including the final price. State laws regulate whether an agent can represent both sides of a real estate transaction, and most states allow this. Agents must disclose their representation so that buyers and sellers are aware of any conflicts.


What Are the Differences Among Agents, Brokers and Realtors?

Real estate brokers typically own a firm or a franchise, and they are responsible for setting up earnest money accounts and for approving final contracts. States require brokers to take significantly more classes and to pass more exams than agents. Agents work for brokers, and they split their commissions with these supervisors. A Realtor is a member of the National Association of REALTORS. As of Dec. 31, 2017, the organization reported that it had more than 1.3 million members. Both agents and brokers can be Realtors. (For more, see: What are the Differences Among a Real Estate Agent, a Broker and a Realtor).


How Are Real Estate Agents Paid?

Traditionally, an agent is paid a commission that is a percentage of the property’s sale price. The more the house sells for, the more money an agent makes. However, with online listings allowing consumers to do much of the shopping on their own without help from an agent, the traditional payment structure is changing. Some brokerages charge a lower commission for more expensive houses, and some handle the entire transaction for a flat fee that’s much less than a regular commission. Other companies offer a fee-for-service pricing structure that lets sellers pay only for certain parts of the sale process, such as adding the property to an multiple listing service.

Source: www.investopedia.com/


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