21 Facts About CENTURY 21

March 30, 2018

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Fact #1 – CENTURY 21 Real Estate is an American real estate franchise company headquartered in Madison, New Jersey, US.


Fact #2 – CENTURY 21 Real Estate was founded in 1971 by two Real Estate Agents, Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher, in Orange County, California.


Fact #3 – CENTURY 21 Real Estate is comprised of approximately 7,450 independently owned and operated franchised offices in 79 countries and territories worldwide.


Fact #4 – Cambodia is the 75th official country for CENTURY 21 Real Estate, with CENTURY 21 Cambodia operates as master franchisor in the country.


Fact #5 – CENTURY 21 Cambodia was established in 2011 in Cambodia, it has growth to over 15 franchised offices in the country.


Fact #6 – CENTURY 21 Cambodia is the 1st international franchised real estate agent company in the kingdom.


Fact #7 – CENTURY 21 Real Estate family is growing everyday, it now has more than 115,000 sales professionals across the globe.


Fact #8 – The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family employ more than 124 professionally trained brokers in Phnom Penh and major cities and provinces across the country.


Fact #9 – The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family is comprised of a team of young and dynamic professionals, the average age of staff working at CENTURY 21 Cambodia family is 28 years old, 99% holds bachelor or higher degree.


Fact #10 – CENTURY 21 Cambodia is the real estate brokerage brand of choice to buy, sell and rent property. The CENTURY 21 brand® builds trust and professionalism, it represents international standard. Its tagline is “SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER.” 


Fact #11 – The CENTURY 21® brand is the most recognized brand name in real estate, and the industry leader in brand awareness – a position it has held since 1999.


Fact #12 – The CENTURY 21® brand name was decided during a lunch one day by Art Bartlett and his former VP. The name was selected because it sounded futuristic.


Fact #13 – For three years in a row, the CENTURY 21® brand ranked “Highest Overall Satisfaction for First-Time Home Sellers, First-Time Home Buyers, Repeat Home Sellers, and Repeat Home Buyers among National Full Service Real Estate Firms” in the J.D. Power 2016 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study.


Fact #14 The CENTURY 21® System provides brand marks, comprehensive training, marketing and innovative technology support to its affiliated agents to deliver best-in-class brokerage experience to buyers and sellers worldwide.


Fact #15 – The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family have received multiple international awards and recognitions, the team collected a total of 9 Top Regional awards from CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC headquarter in the US in 2017.


Fact #16 – CENTURY 21 Cambodia has organized and conducted over 20 training courses through its CENTURY 21 University, with more than 500 trainees benefited from the sessions.


Fact #17 – Every CENTURY 21 real estate agent in Cambodia is required to attend a series of professional training, only those who qualified are employed.


Fact #18 – CENTURY 21 Cambodia’s franchised offices are owned by a variety of Cambodian, American, Japanese and Taiwanese investors or shareholders.


Fact #19 – The CENTURY ​21 ​Cambodia family builds and maintains leadership roles in real estate communities in the country, its members sit as Vice Chairman and Vice President of the Cambodian Valuer and Estate Agents Association (CVEA).


Fact #20 – The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family actively ​participate ​in ​various regional and  international real estate activities. It is the member of National Realtor of Association (NAR) in USA, and CENTURY 21 Global Network & CENTURY 21 Asia Pacific Network. Its members joined numerous seminars and conferences in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada and the US.


Fact #21 – The CENTURY 21 Cambodia family is going to expand and grow in 25 provinces with 500 professional trained real estate agents in the next 3 years.



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